The time taken by many consumers to conduct background research on service providers, a brand sentiment is very important in their discovery process. It not only educates them on what is available to them in the market, but also helps them making mistakes in their purchases. A magazine like the consumer report has been helping them know trends that are happening in their respective localities and demand spheres.

Internet consumers rely on the reviews that have been built on supporting platforms like e-commerce websites to make decisions. They also depend on the information they read on different websites to gauge whether a given service or service provider is legit.

However, a few e-commerce companies like essay writing companies don’t offer their consumers the right information they need to buy services from them.

Student consumers

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Why we review companies

We review essay writing companies because despite many of them operating, there are very few that can stand the test of time as far as delivering real value to the consumers is concerned. There is also lack of monitoring or oversight which makes it extremely easy for rogue service providers to survive. The purpose of this website is to make it easy for the students to tell the difference between a good essay writing company and a vague business person. In addition, this website compiles all the information the student might need to choose an essay on one website making the search process easy.

How we do it

We collect reviews about essay writing companies whenever we can. Any student that’s used an essay writing company in the past can simply decide to share their experience with the said essay writing company. Our team analyzes the information, comments and ratings on the behalf of the consumers. We use the data to create a list of top ranked recommendations one can choose in a second!

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